Some followers wanted to spend time with Baba on a quiet place so they drove outside Bangalore where Baba talked to them about karma and soul reincarnation. In the end he swang his hand and created a silver bowl full of nectar and gave everybody to drink, and he gave the empty bowl to a married couple from England. As he saw disappointment on their faces, he immediately filled the bowl with nectar.

The materialization of the statue of man-monkey

The materialization of the statue of man-monkey

The materialization of a miniature bible

The materialization of a miniature bible

On the platform of the railway station in Bangalore a follower of Baba’s was waiting for a train to Mysore where she was supposed to be operated on in a missionary hospital. Suddenly there was Sai Baba in front of her in the form of an old man who was holding a cane and a bundle of clothes in his hand. The man started a conversation and diverted her from the operation. He gave her dates which he was carrying from the altar from Shirdi, telling her that he would cure her and that that blessed food had a spiritual power. The woman listened to him and was cured without an operation.

One day nobody saw Baba for a full twelve hours when he entered the body of a pilot from Kashmir, a follower of Shirdi Baba, and saved him from a suicide because he was accused of embazzlement of the state money. Baba entered the courtroom and forced one of the judges to give an objection, which resulted in questioning the witnesses, and the final verdict was not guilty.

On 21st June 1959 about two in the afternoon, Baba’s bodily temperature suddenly rose to 40 degrees, but five minutes later his temperature decreased again to 37 degrees. During the dinner on the same day Baba told a young man from Madras: ‘When you go to your mother tomorrow, tell her that she should be more careful with fire. Baba is always with her and nothing will happen to her.’

During a procession, when Baba was sitting in a decorated carriage, the sky became very cloudy, there was lightning, thunder resounded terribly, and not far from them it was raining. The procession lasted for three hours, and Baba stopped the rain. When the procession ended, and people got back home, it started to rain heavily.

Dreams are an important way of communicating between Baba and his followers. Baba said many times: ‘Nobody can come to me if I don’t call them.’ Baba foresees and prevents the disasters of his followers and protects them on time. The heavily ill Thirumala Rao from Bangalore dreamt one night that he will recover after an operation. When he woke up in the morning, his bed was full of blood, and the pain in his body disappeared.

In 1961 Baba invited five followers in his room for talking. During the talk he swang his hand an on the palm he made holy ashes (vibhuti). With the fingers of the other hand he went over the ashes and on the palm there were five round sweets which he gave to the present followers.

The astonishing wonder happened on the sea shore in Kanyakumari when Baba and his followers were splashed by waves. Suddenly Baba said: ‘Look, the ocean is greeting me with a wreath.’ At the same moment a huge wave brought a wreath around his feet on a golden line with 108 pearls.

In the evening of 28th June 1963 in Prasantha Nilayama Baba announced that he would not be giving interviews for a week. On Saturday 29th June in the morning he felt dizzy and suddenly fainted. The left side of his body, his hand and his leg were completely paralyzed, and the puls was going up to 100 heart-beats in a minute. His head would suddenly start shaking, he would painfully breathe out and spoke ununderstandable words. In five days he endured four heart attacks, and the left side of his body would stiffen and he didn’t see on one eye. A doctor from Bangalore came an diagnozed angina pectoris and left some medicine. Only on the seventh day he came to a little, asking from his staff to take him to the hall to give people his blessing (daršan). At first he asked for a glass of water, drank a few drops, and with his right hand he sprayed and stroke his paralyzed left hand and leg and said: ‘Don’t be sorry, this is not my disease, but the disease I took over from a follower. I will never get ill.’ After the blessing he sang a few holy songs with his followers. Later he took over a lot of diseases from his followers on himself and for days he would suffer pains in order to cure his followers.

One day Sri Raghawan came to Baba, the councellor for health to Malavalli and asked for a medicine for his wife who had a chronic osteomalacia and the fracture of pubic bone. Baba said: ‘Don’t despair, I will cure tak, tak, tak.’ After four months, one night Baba turned up in front of the lady and ordered her to get up. She heard something inside cracking – tak, tak, tak. After that she could stand up and walk and she was healthy.

Mister Kalpagiri committed a treacherous murder and ran away in orange ascetic clothes in the mountains of Himalaya and there he spent a few years, meeting a lot of saints and wisemen and reading a lot of holy books. After that he continued with pilgrimage throughout the whole of India so he came to Sai Baba who reprimanded him for running away from the consequences of his actions. He gave him white clothes and money for a fare and ordered him to surrender to the police and admit his action. At the same time he promised him that he wouldn’t be hanged and that he would give him a rosary when he came to him after the served jail time, but the president of India changed this punishment into sentence to jail for life. In the jail he talked a lot about Sai Baba so many converted and decided that after the served jail time they would live an honest life. Like a mother who overwhelms her lost child with her love, Baba is also benignant towards criminals who have repented and served their jail time and continued living an honest life.

With a few of his followers Baba came to the town of Simla one day where a lot of his followers immediately gathered. On the same evening a boy died in the town. The sad parents laid their dead child in front of Baba and asked him to return him into life. Baba looked at the child mercifully and told him to wake up. The child immediately woke up and started crying to the great happiness and delight of his parents.

In the garden of the guest house, next to the Liddar river near the village of Pahalgamaa Baba picked up a rose and blew into it, and it turned into a linga of the goddess Šiva which he gave to the colonel Beri. Then he created watches and rings for his guests with a swing of his hand.

His long-year follower from Madras came to Baba and asked him to bless a pearl for her in the shape of the letter OM that she had got made herself. Baba took the pearl and asked if she would prefer her pearl or another with his figure. The follower chose the other and Baba blew onto it and it disappeared, and on the palm of the hand there was a golden locket with Baba’s figure.

To a follower from England, who was about to get married soon, Baba promised to give an appropriate pearl. Baba took a leaf of betel nut in his hands and carved decorative drawings in it. Then he lifted the leaf and blew into it so it disappeared, and on its place there was a beautiful wedding pearl decorated with gold which he gave to the follower.

While Tidemann Johanessen from Norway was in front of a shrine in Shirdi, in front of him suddenly there appeared an older man and gave him the picture of Sai Baba and a little ashes (udi). At the same time he suggested that on 13th March he should visit the current avatar in Bombay. When later Tidemann met with Baba in Bombay he immediately told him that he already invited him in Shirdi.

The professor Anima Mukurjee was lying in the hospital in Bangalore in June 1964 because in the car accident the bones of the lower right leg were broken and shattered. After the unsuccessful first operation, doctors suggested the amputation of the leg. Then her sister Kanak with her husband, who were ardent followers of Baba, went to talk with Baba who told them: ‘She will completely recover, but she will lose two toes.’ Two days later the patient’s two toes which were caught by gangrene were amputated, and the danger of the amputation of the whole leg was threatening. Suddenly Baba appeared in the patient’s room and with vibhuti, which he created in the air, strewed a lot of vibhuti to the both legs, and he materialized a locket for the patient. He looked at the patient with love and said: ‘Are you happy you haven’t gone to America? Don’t worry, you will get even a better chance.’ In a few months Anima was completely healthy. Everybody said that only God could have done it. And it came to Aima’s mind that she had met God who had made her healthy and she wanted to serve in his mission. Her wish came true when Baba set he up as the headmaster of the women’s colledge in Anantapur in the middle of 1969 and in 1975 she was sent to found another women’s colledge in Jaipur.

One October day in 1964, sitting on a bench, a social worker and the vice-president of the all-Indian conference of women Suddhe Mazumandre from Calcuta was watching the snowy chains of Himalaya from Jalapahari. Suddenly an old man came to her in a white dress and a white cap on his head like a fakir, and in his hand he was holding a shabby umbrella. After the lady’s greeting the old man sat down on the bench and started a conversation. He started singing a song whose verses the lady wrote down. Then he advised her to sing this song every morning. He gave her his blessing, took the umbrella and left. When after a certain time she came to Baba and bowed, mentioning all her sorrows and asking him about the fakir, Baba answered that everything will be all right with her, and as far as the fakir is concerned, that was him in another form.

The twelve-year-old boy Anthonis from Colombo suffered from cancerigenic growth of spinal tendon in the lower part of spine. After the operation there was no improvement so a member of Sathya Sai seva association gave him a little holy powder (vibhuti) and it came to an improvement with the child. His parents went to Sai Baba in Madrs immediately and got daršan. With a swing of his hand he created a bracelet for them which the boy should wear around his arm. After a short time the boy was completely healthy.

In February 1966 a married couple from Delhi came to Baba to save the life of the wife’s 30-year-old brother who was ill with the incurable cronic nephritis, anemia. Baba gave them two little packets of vibhuti and told them that the brother should drink both packets of vibhuti with water and spread out something over his body. After two weeks the brother was healthy and he came to Baba to thank him.

One day Baba invited several followers into the room for talks, among whom there was a scientist. After he materialized a decorative object for each of them, the scientist spoke to Baba: ‘Svami, the fact that you create various object in the air hasn’t convinced me that you are God, but if you create a living being I will immediately believe that you are God.’ Baba laughed and turned the palm of one hand upwards and covered it with the palm of the other hand. When he started to lift the upper palm, on the lower palm an alive small monkey appeared. As the lower palm started lifting, so the monkey got bigger, coming to a natural height. All the present were astonished by this Baba’s miracle, especially when the monkey started jumping around the room and eating the banana which Baba had created. After that Baba put the monkey on the palm of one hand, and he put the other hand on the monkey’s head. As the upper palm started to lower down, the monkey was becoming smaller and smaller until he disappeared. The scientist then deeply bowed to Baba’s feet, admitting that there was a living God in front of him.

A girl from the Padubidri family from Bombay was sick with the incurable Pott’s disease which destroys bones. As doctors couldn’t do anything the family brought the girl to Baba in Puttaparthi. Baba blessed the child and gave her some holy powder, telling her that he would always take care of her and that the child would start walking in January, which really happened.

There have been a lot of cases in which he cured cancer with the words: ‘Your cancer has disappeared.’ Here is the case of the 76-year-old Dattatrey Ramachandra Ghula who was ill with throat cancer and couldn’t eat or speak clearly and he was weaker and weaker every day. His brother wrote to Baba about his brother’s disease and asked him to save his brother from this terrible disease. Several days after his brother started speaking, he started drinking milk and eating food. They took him to medical tests to hospital where doctors established he was healthy.

A young girl had been carried for years by her brother because she couldn’t walk, and doctors couldn’t discover the disease. One day the brother brought his sister to Sai Baba who blessed her and ordered that she should go around the temple three times with the help of her brother and her mother. The next day she walked on her own around the temple, and Baba advised her to go home and be happy.

On 23rd November 20,000 followers came to Puttaparthi to celebrate Baba’s birthday, among whom there was the family Anderson from the USA. The husband drove Mrs Anderson in her wheelchair because she was disabled and couldn’t move. People were singing holy songs Baba allowed some followers to touch his feet and his hair with the drops of holy oil. Suddenly Baba stood up from his chair and started going towards the woman in the wheelchair with the bowl for oil; she put a few drops of oil on Baba’s hair because he bowed, and then touched his hair three times with a flower. Then Baba took her hand and said: ‘Stand up and come with me.’ The woman slowly stood up from the wheelchair and went with Baba. They were all delighted and touched by this miracle.

In the middle of 1968 Baba went out of India by plane for the first and only time, to the African continent to Uganda and Kenya. The reason for this journey was Amin, the then military officer, and later the dictator and criminal. Baba spoke to Amin several times, and then he told all the Indians who were working in Uganda to go back to their homes to avoid the war and a great blood-sheding which Baba saw in advance. And really after a few years there was a great war and blood-sheding, and on the head of Uganda there came Amin, a dictator and a criminal. Many people died in this bloody war, among whom a great number of Indians who hadn’t listened to Baba’s warning. In Uganda and Kenya Baba held many lectures and materialized a lot of objects for his followers, and he brought the light of love, peace and respect into the hearts of many of his followers.

At the beginning of 1969 four tribal representatives from the villages of north-eastern border area came to Baba in Puttaparthi together with an architect, state representative and the secretary of this border area. Baba spoke to them about spiritual topics and to each of them separately. For some of them he materialized a diamond ring, an object in the shape of a heart because of concentration, a locket for the cure of disease, eight of his pictures and to all the rest he gave the blessed food (prasada) and holy ashes (vibhuti) which were supposed to be put on everyone’s forehead by by the tribal leader. The architect Sri Broken Ette asked Baba for advice about the construction of the temple dedicated to the Sun and the Moon on their tribal area. Then with a swing of his hand he created a round plate made of gold, silver, copper, brass and iron with the carved Sun and Moon. At the same time he demanded from the present people that they should put the plate into the temple and respect it on every day of the Sun as well as during the full Moon, and on the temple altar they should light the eternal lamp.

Mister Ashishe and his wife Nilima from Bombay didn’t know Sai Baba. Soon after their wedding Nilima started feeling strong pains in her kidneys. The doctors from Bombay recommended her an operation, but the married couple got scared that her state would get worse and that they would not be able to have any children. They contacted the leading specialists from London and decided that she should undergo an operation in London. In the meantime a friend invited them exactly at the time when he was expecting Sai Baba to come to him. A lot of people were sitting in a big room and they were joined by Ashishe with his wife, although they didn’t believe in Sai Baba’s miracles. When Baba turned up and walked among the people, he sat down in front of Nilima and started talking about her illness. She was astonished because she kept her illness a secret. With a swing of his hand he materialized a statue of Rudrakša for Nilima, saying: ‘Dive this into water and drink it once a day for ten days and there will be great benefits.’ She didn’t believe in Baba’s miracles, but she put the statue of Rudrakša into water which she drank every day. On the tenth day, she went to London on the operation with her husband and her parents. The specialist there, doctor Ferguson, looked at the medical reports from Bombay, but he also did x-ray and other examinations and discovered that Nilima’s kidneys were healthy and there was no need for an operation. The married couple immediately contacted their parents from England and Ashishi’s parents went to Baba to thank him. During the visiting of his followers Baba stopped in front of the parents, saying: ‘Are you satisfied that your daughter-in-law is now all right?’ Baba then told them all the details in London. The parents then, full of emotions, fell at Baba’s feet. Nilima’s kidney disease didn’t come back and they had two beautiful children in their marriage.

Sri S. N. K. Sundara brought his brother, who had broken his thigh bone, to Baba. Baba entered the hall where bhajanas were being sung and he immediately came to Sundari’s brother and created vibhuti, demanding that he should eat it. After three days the brother started to walk around the house and after less than a month he completely recovered.

Miss Marie from America got addicted to drugs and got hepatitis so she couldn’t get cured in any way. When she found out about Sai Baba she asked one of her acquaintance to send her holy ashes (vhibuti) from India. She started taking vibhuti and soon recovered. Through vibhuti she also helped three of his friends who in a very short time stopped taking drugs.

Eruch k. Wadia from Madras got the inflammation of pleura and started treatment, but with no success. After the third attack of pleura he went to Prasanthi Nilayam for Baba’s blessing (daršan), asking him to cure him. After a few days he came back home and went to a medical examination where it was stated that he was a completely healthy man.

While doctor Ramakrishna from the Institute of science from Bangalore was at Sai Baba’s in Prasanthi Nilayama, he got a telephone call from his father in which he told him that his mother was in a dangerous state and taken to hospital in Hyderabad because she had got cerebral thrombosis. He managed to tell Baba about it somehow and he told him: ‘I was in hospital, and sh is feeling well now.’ In the meantime his father noticed in hospital that the woman opened her eyes and started talking, saying: ‘Baba was here and gave me the blessed food (prasada) and persuaded me that I would feel well.’ After a few days she came back home healthy.

A faithful follower of Baba was one morning about four o’clock woken up from the deepest sleep by a voice: ‘Open at least your eyes and watch.’ When he opened his eyes in th room he noticed a burglar. He immediately raised the alarm, and the burglar ran away. Then he turned up the light and saw the trace of vibhuti which led from the room to the verandah and he immediately knew that it was Sai Baba.

Mister Kumar lived in an old shabby little house. After a humble dinner he went to bed. Before going to bed he lit up a candle and scented short stick and put it next to Baba’s picture and sang a few bhajanas. During the night there was a great storm outside because the hurricane wind was blowing, and the rain was pouring down in showers. He was woken up from his sleep by the words: ‘Kumar, run.’ He got dressed quickly and ran out on the street. At the same moment a great bang was heard and his little house collapsed. In the morning he found only a framed picture of Baba in the ruins while the other things were ruined.

Mister Sethumadhavan Nair received a threatening letter in which an unknown bully was telling him that he would be beheaded within seven days if he didn’t stop singing holy songs (bhajanas). Nair paid no attention to this letter and continued singing bhajanas. In the dawn of the eighth day the unknown writer of the letter sneaked to Nair’s house and found the owner in the bathroom. He swang and threw a knife towards his victim, but at the same moment an orange-red whirlpool flashed and a gentle hand threw Nair into a room corner. The attacker’s knife fell onto the ground, and the attacker ran away. When Nair’s wife came into the room full of a miraculous scent, she found Nair strewed over with holy powder (vibhuti) and immediately she knew that Sai Baba had been there.

Captain Bose drove in his car with his wife and his father-in-law from Ambala to Gauhati. Because of the heavy rain the visibility was very weak and the car suddenly stopped on a very muddy road. The whole surrounding area was flooded as well as the road. The rear wheels of the car completely sank in the mud. Trying to start the car, it sank deeper and deeper into the mud. All the three passangers came out of the car and slept the night on the bare benches in a nearby school. When in the dawn they came to the car no lorry driver wanted to stop to help them, and rare local people watched them from a distance. In the village they borrowed a horse and some ropes, but the car didn’t move but it sank even deeper. Then Bose remembered Sai Baba, fell to the ground and shouted: ‘Lotus Baba’s feet are our only sanctuary.’ At the same moment a strong man of a gentle appearance came to them. He gave his umbrella to Mrs Bose and ordered that Bose should go into the car and take the steering wheel. The man put his hand under the car bumper and with one jerk he set up the car to the sound ground. When the passangers got into the car they felt a strong smell which immediately reminded them of Sai Baba.

One day Sai Baba was strolling with geology professor dr. Y. J. Rao in Prasanthi Nilayam. Baba lifted a piece of granite and asked the professor what the stone consisted of. After the professor had given all the possible data, Baba blew into it and out of the stone appeared the beautiful statue of Holy Kršna playing the flute. Then he turned towards the professor and said: ‘Can you see? God is in the stone, because nothing exists without God and nothing is separated from God.’

Baba often invited poor married couples on his birthday to marry without any costs in Prasanthi Nilaxam where he would be the priest, parent and God. One year 134 couples registered. Baba gave everybody clothes, sari to the brides, and dhotis to the grooms. For each bride he created a golden necklace in the air, red flower powder (kumkum) and haldi, then he strewed with grains of rice the heads of the married couples. All the couples got glasses and plates for their new households. Then the couples strewed each other with rice, which symbolizes their progress. All the couples went towards the temple, and later there was a wedding celebration for all the couples and their close relations.

One evening in the auditorium of a colledge a world-famous jazz artist Maynard Ferguson performed a concert for 1,200 listeners among whom there was also Sai Baba. He played classical Indian music poured into jazz, and in the end he played a solo passage on the trumpet. Baba was then very delighted and in front of everyone he created a golden locket on a necklace out of nothing and put it around the artist’s neck. The artist was so touched that he cried as a little child.

Baba’s follower H. Narayana Rao was lying in the hospital in Bombay and waiting for the implantation of a pace-maker. One night he was dreaming about Sai Baba who stopped next to his bed and said: ‘I know how much you are worried about the implantation of a pace-maker, but don’t worry because from now on your pulse will gradually improve. From today you can count days because you will go home on the eleventh day, that is to say on 17th this month. He was released home exactly on 17th because his heart was completely healthy.

Mister R. S. Khare started losing his eyesight and went to hospital where he spent 74 days. On coming back home in a short time he went completely blind and doctors stated complete blindness for which there was no cure. As a great Baba’s follower, he told his daughter about his blindness before she started attending Baba’s summer school in Whitefield. During breakfast with other students, Baba came to her and talked to her about her father’s illness, saying: ‘You are worried about your father’s blindness, but don’t worry, everything will be all right.’ Then he swang his hand and materialized vibhuti, saying: ‘Send this by mail to your father to put a little on his eyes every day.’ On the first day already he started seeing a little, and after seven days his eyesight was completely recovered. After that he went to Baba to thank him.

Dr. Sandweiss and his wife Lila talked several times about Sai Baba. Lila had read a book on Baba and decided to visit him in India. However, they were in great debts, and her husband didn’t have a steady income because for five years already he couldn’t sell any of his inventions. One night she was having a strange dream in which Baba appeared with shiny eyes. Since then strange things started to happen because soon after that her husband patented his invention in which some people were interested and his financial state improved. Lila now had enough money and soon travelled to Baba in India.

The president of the railroad car factory next to Madras was obliged by contract to send the first parcel of 25 railroad cars to an overseas country. He was very unhappy about the fact that the railroad cars were not going to be finished on time to be loaded on a Japanese ship which had already sailed from Bombay towards Madras. Because of that he came to Sai Baba and asked him to save the image of his factory. Baba answered him: ‘The ship will come to Madras with a delay and that’s why you should hurry up with your job.’ Then a strange thing happened because the ship was caught in a terrible storm next to Cochin and it had to be kept for repair in Colombo. When it arrived to Madras, the railroad cars had been waiting for loading.

During a talk with an American married couple from Los Angeles Baba suddenly asked: ‘Isn’t today the 33rd anniversary of your wedding?’ The married couple was astonished and confirmed. Baba materialized for the gentleman with a swing of his hand a beautiful golden ring and for the lady he materialized a golden necklace with a lotus flower and Baba’s portrait, and then he blessed them. They thanked him by kneeling down at his feet.

The daughter of the South-Indian singer Sri Soundarajan had a heart disease and doctors recommended that the heart could be saved only by operation which was perfomed only in America. The father spoke to Sai Baba who materialized the seed of rudrakša (a holy tree which grows on Himalaya) with his hand and told the father that he should put the seed into water which the daughter should drink. After a short time the daughter completely recovered.

The eight-year-old daughter of Mrs Chincholi Rajamma often visited Sai Baba with her mother in Puttaparthi. In Baba’s presence the girl was always cheerful, laughed and sang. One day the girl brought sandals to Sai Baba and he asked her: ‘Tell me what you want?’ With her answer the girl astonished her mother, and all the other who were there. ‘I want to become one with you.’ Baba told her: ‘You are still a child, you have to get married, raise a family and make your mother happy because you don’t have a father any more.’ However, the girl was persistant for so long that Baba told her: ‘All right, all right.’, and he pinched the girl on her cheek. After five days the girl died.

Doctor Banerđi speaks about three miraculous recoveries. The first recovery refers to himself when he crushed his little finger while coming to Baba in Prašanti Nilayam on the window of the railroad car. In front of the praying hall he was sitting with a lot of other followers and waiting for Baba. While Baba was walking along the narrow passage between the people, he stopped behind Banerđi and talked to his neighbour. The lower part of Baba’s dress touched his hand with the injured finger. When Baba went on walking, Banerđi didn’t feel pain in his finger any more, and the swelling and the bruise had disappeared and his finger was healthy. The other cure refers to an officer, the champion in jumping by parachute who was following Banerđi and who was sick with an illness and couldn’t have children because of that. Baba created a little vibhuti for him, saying: ‘You should take this for a while, and after the recovery you will have a son.’ After a while Baba’s prophecy came true. The third cure refers to the son of a friend of Banerđi who was ill with a heavy asthma. When the boy appeared in front of Baba, he said: ‘This isn’t asthma, but a mistake in the bone structure which causes difficulty in breathing.’ With a swing of his hand Baba created a golden locket which the boy should wear around his neck and he would have no problems with breathing any more, which soon came true.

One day four young men came to Baba in Prasanthi Nilayam with the intention of testing Sai Baba. Before that they had switched their watches because they had decided to check if Sai Baba would discover this. Baba invited them to a talk an said immediately: ‘I know why you have come because you want to check me by switching your watches. This is a place where my followers gather and that’s why I’m asking you to go back where you came from.’

At the end of 1980 on the eyes of general Malhotra herpes appeared and later also purulent furuncles. He was moved to the military hospital in Delhi, but the disease was getting worse and worse and blindness threatened him. His wife Prem immediately went to Baba in Puttaparthi and asked him for help. Baba persuaded her: ‘Why do you worry? He will be all right.’ And really, in a short time the general’s disease stopped, but his doctors told him that perforation in his eyes would continue and that he should stay away from dust. After his coming out from the hospital he immediately went to Baba in Puttaparthi where he spent a few days. Baba immediately told him: ‘I have given you eyes.’ He also invited him to dine with him every day and to stop taking medicine. When he was going away from Baba he was a completely healthy man because the perforation in his eyes had stopped as well as the pigmentation of his face.

During a celebration in Prasanthi Nilayama, Baba drove by van with a few followers to the Kakkara Halla river. When he got out of the car, on the bank he plucked two uneven leaves of grass and linked them in the form of a cross. He blew into them and they became a wooden cross with a small silver image of Jesus. He gave the cross to Mr Hislop, saying: ‘This is a smaller wooden cross on which Jesus was crucified, and the image of Jesus was exactly the same as he was crucified in Jerusalem. This piece of wood stems from the original cross on which Jesus was crucified.’ After that Baba pulled out a transparent linga from a heap of sand, 13 centimetres long, and 10 centimetres wide. Then he pulled out a statue of Shirdi Baba and the image of Lakšma and Durga from the sand, and in the end he created a little box full of nectar which all the present people tried.

Among many students of Baba’s university in Prasantha Nilayama there was also Sreenivas. Helping with the building of a building behind the temple, in his head there appeared thoughts about going away from the university from the reason that Baba hadn’t looked at him for weeks. He thought he didn’t deserve to be here and brought the final decision that at the end of the same day he would go and never come back. Only two minutes after that, through a student, Svami (Baba) called him to himself. When he arrived at the temple, they took him to Baba’s living room where Baba greeted him heartily and started a conversation, not mentioning with one word the student’s thoughts about leaving. Since then Baba allowed him to be near him often together with some other students. On one occasion, when he was at Baba’s with another student, Baba was telling them about God’s power of multiplying food and various objects. At the end of the conversation Baba swang his hand and created a ring out of nothing on his palm. Then he closed his palm and blew into it and there were two rings on his palm. He blew into them again and there were four rings on his palm. When he blew into them again there were eight rings on his palm which he put in both his hands. Blowing into them on both his palms there were sixteen rings in which he blew again and on his palm there appeared only two rings which he gave to his students. Then he asked them: ‘Do you know the deepest desire of your heart? I’ll show you what you want.’ He showed them an empty paper pad for writing letters. From the pad he tore a piece of paper which he rolled into a roll and dived into a glass of water. When he took it out of the glass and gave it to the other student, it wrote on the paper in English: ‘Give me persistance so that I can be at your door day and night.’ After that he repeated the same thing and with another piece of paper which he gave to Sreenivas, which said: ‘Give me the strength to love you with all my heart.’

One day in Puttaparthi there came 40 Italians who Baba received in his room for conversations. Then he told an Italian invalid to give him his crutches, which he did. Baba smiled to him and said: ‘Now you can go to those who gather outside to sing holy songs (bhajanas).’ The man first hesitated, then he was astonished, with the tears of happiness, because he could walk. This excited his landmen, too, who shouted loudly: ‘Jesus has come.’, remembering the Bible and Jesus who cured a man saying: ‘Be healthy.’

On his journey through India, Baba set out towards Musore with a group of his followers and students from Ooty, but he stopped by the forest Madhumalai in a guest house. After breakfast Baba set out to a meadow where he took a photo with each member of his company. In the end he asked a student to take a photo of him on his own, which he did. When the photo came out of the camera, Baba took it and gave it to a follower of Joga Raou on whose palm the photograph was slowly developing. Instead of Sai Baba in the black and white photograph they saw a young man who had three heads and six hands. The lower right hand was on the back of a cow, and in the background you could see four dogs. In the middle of the photo there was Baba’s face. Baba explained to them that it was the image of Dattatreya, a holy man from Indian history the embodiment of Šiva, Višnu and Brahma. After this explanation the photo disappeared.

Several times Baba saved his follower general Joga Raoa and his family. Joga’s older daughter should undergo the operation of female organs in Bangalore, but the doctors were afraid that one of her kidneys would than stop working. The day before the operation Joga Rao went to Puttaparthi to Baba’s who materialized vibhuti for him with a swing of his hand for his daughter, saying that everything will be all right and that the kidney won’t stop working. When Rao came to his daughter in the hospital she told him happily: ‘Father, yesterday Baba was here and told me that my kidney wouldn’t be removed and that he sent vibhuti through you. The operation went through very well and everything ended up happily. One day Joga Rao had a heart attack and ended up in hospital in Bangalore. On the same day in Prasanthi Nilayam Baba suddenly told the gathered students and followers: ‘Joga Rao isn’t well and I have to go immediately to Bangalore and see him. While the driver was preparing the car, Baba entered his room and after a while he came out telling the present people: ‘I visited Joga Rao, he is well now. When Joga’s son-in-law went into hospital, Joga told him that Baba was there and blessed him. When Joga Rao recovered, he immediately visited Baba and dined with him. After dinner Baba said: ‘Joga Rao, it’s already late, go home immediately.’ However, while he was going towards his car he met a friend who persuaded him to eat something with him. When he came home he found his wife dead, and next to her was her clothes (sari) for her dead body, which was a sign of Baba’s presence. . The Chakravartija family from Madras respected God and moral values. Baba was first visited by Suddha Chakravarti. During a visit while she was sitting in Baba’s presence she started thinking why Baba materialized only vibhuti, and not also kumkum (red flower powder)? After a few minutes Baba swang his hand and created kumkum telling Suddha: ‘You wanted kumkum, didn’t you? After that he meterialized a golden ring with a red precious stone. On coming home her husband also got interested in Baba, telling her that next time they would visit him together and ask him a question from the 18th chapter of Bhagavadgita (divine song), and he also wished that Baba would give him a precious ring. When they met at Baba’s, the first Baba’s words were: ‘You may not know me, but I know you.’ The Chakravarti family were very surprised when Baba chose the 18th chapter from Bhagavadgita for the topic of conversation, and they were even more surprised when Baba gave the husband a diamond ring. When they came to Baba the next time, during the conversation Baba suddenly asked the lady: ‘You can’t have any more children?’ The lady was very surprised about this question, because doctors told her that she couldn’t have any more children. ‘This year on my birthday you will have a son, and I will come to your house to give the child a name. You complained about the locket with the image of Rama which I gave you the last time so now I’m giving you another locket.’ With a swing of his hand he created another locket with the image of Kršna on one side and the image of Shirdi Baba on the other side of the locket. Baba’s prophecy came true because Mrs Chakravarti gave birth to a son exactly on 23rd November.

One morning in 1970 Meenal Manohar Gavaskar was alone in her flat in Bombay. She often prayed to Sai Baba from Shirdi to bless her son so that he could succeed in his cricket career. Her son Sunil went by train to the Babourne stadium where his cricket team played against Gujarat. He took his guards with him because he still wasn’t a steady member of the team. Meenal prayed for Sunil’s success today, too. Suddenly in front of her there appeared a man in a red dress and with a smile on his face. He raised his right hand for a blessing and said: ‘Don’t worry and wait, he will give a goal.’, and then he disappeared. Soon after this a phone rang and her son told her to bring his leg guards immediately because at the end of the match he would play instead of a player who had been injured. When Meenal arrived at the stadium, Sunil was already playing, having borrowed his guards from the injured player. What the man in a red dress told her had come true exaclty. In the evening the mother told Sunil about a mystery man in a red dress, so his heart was overcome by a great gratitude. After this match nobody could stop Sunil in his cricket career, because his team kept winning. He achieved the world record in the number of points in matches. Sunil saw Sai Baba for the first time in Madras in 1978, when he gave him gis first blessing (daršan) Later he visited Baba several times more in Prasanthi Nilayam. He was a member of Indian representation who won the World cup in 1983.

At the end of 1970 on his way from Bangalore to Bombay Baba stopped in Poona with a group of his followers, near the residence of the queen mother in Jamnagara. The next day Baba made a speech and blessed all the present who had arrived from the closer and further surroundings. After a few bhajanas, Baba told them to continue singing, and he went into the kitchen where he spoke to the queen mother who complained to him that she could feed only 60 poeple, and outside there were a few hundreds. Baba asked her to look at the dishes with food. He lifted a lid of every dish and blessed everything that was prepared. The queen mother continued to be very worried because of the small quantity of food. Baba was only smiling and asking them to start serving. In the end about 700 people were fed, and there was still some food left. The next year he also visited the queen on her birthday in her residence Devi Nivas. As soon as he saw her he started singing: ‘Happy birthday to you, queen mother.’ The queen mother asked him: ‘Svami, I’m asking for a birthday present from you.’. ‘Tell me what you want.’, asked her Baba. ‘I will tell you, but before that you must promise me that you will fulfill my every wish. For some time there was a row and Baba finally gave in, saying: ‘You have my promise that I will fulfill your wishes, no matter what it is.’ ‘Sai Baba, give me the death.’, said the queen mother. Since that day the queen mother was giving instructions to the members of her family about what they should do after her death. After six days her soul abandoned her body.