The rest of the Ladies appearances in the world

La Salette, France

High in French Alps the Mother of God appeared on the 19th September 1846 to the two shepard: the 15 year old Melanie Calvet and the 11 year old Maxim Giraud. Saint Mary had appeared next to the spring in a sitting position holding her head in her hands as if she was sad about something. Around her neck there was a chain with a cross and crucified Jesus on it, and on the edges of the cross hanging pliers and a hammer. In one long message Saint Mary is inviting for conversion (prayer and fast). If people don’t turn to God there will be a lot of blood shed and the country will be in a great trouble.

Beauraing, Belgium

The Mother of God appeared above the railway viaduct in Beauraing 29th November 1932 to five seers. They were children: Gilberte, Fernanda, Albert Voisin and Andrea and Gilberte Degeimbre. The next day again on the same place they saw a woman in a white dress. Our Lady appeared on the 1st December 1932 on several occasions to the seers on the hawthorn in front of the park door, next to the holly and in the bushes close to the railway viaduct. Our Lady was a bright, shining face and had her arms folded with a white veil over her head and shoulders. In the evening on the 3rd December the seers were asking her what she wanted. “For you to be vise” – answered Our Lady, spread her arms and then disappeared. From the 9th to the 27th December the appearances have continued, but not every day. Our Lady would just occasionally shortly answer their questions. On the 17th December Gilbert had asked Our Lady what does she want from them and she answered that she wants a chapel where people could come to pilgrimages. On the 21st December the three seers had asked Our Lady who she was, and she answered: I am the Immaculate Virgin”. At the end of the month the seers saw a golden heart on Lady’s chest, and one of them could hear Our Lady’s voice saying “pray,pray, pray”. On the 1st and 2nd January 1933 Our Lady was not answering the seers questions. On Tuesday the 3rd January Our Lady appeared for the last time. To the three seers she passed on a secret and said goodbye, and the seer Andrea heard her saying “I am the Mother of God, the Queen of the heaven and earth, pray always”. After the departure of four other seers there was just Fernanda left in prayer, because she didn’t see or hear anything. Then Our Lady appeared in the fire ball asking her:” Do you love me and my son?

When Fernanda confirmed, Our Lady said- “Then sacrifice for me, goodbye”.

Garabandal, Spain

In the evening on the 18th June 1961 four girls from Garabandal – Conchita, Mari-Loli, Jancita Gonzales and Mari-Kruz were walking down the path towards the pines to pick some apples from the tree that belonged to their teacher. Coming back they felt remorse for stealing and they started to throw little stones onto the left side. Then they noticed an angel in a blue dress with purple wings, which then quickly disappeared. The news has spread through the village fast but people would not believe it straight away. From the 20th June to the end of the month they have seen an angel and sometimes they would be in a state of ecstasy. It was only on the 1st July 1961 they heard from the angel that they will show the Virgin as Our Lady Carmelitian. On Sunday the 2nd June Our Lady appeared to them with two angels framed by fire and with a text of unknown letter. Our Lady was in a white dress with a blue cape and a crown made from golden stars on her head, holding a scapular. Our Lady was appearing to the girls nearly every day, and sometimes she would hold baby Jesus in her arms. Certain priests would not believe in this appearance so they sent Conchita to have clinical examinations in Santander, so she would not have an influence on other girls. However, on the 27th July in front of the church in Santander, in the crowd Conchita saw Our Lady and fell into an ecstasy, and that was the same time her friends had a seeing in Garabandal. Conchita said quite a few times to Our Lady that people do not believe. Our Lady answered: “Pray and the miracle will happen that has an aim to invite people to turn to prayer and convertion. On several occasions supernatural events occurred in the skies, some of them photographed or recorded.

San Damiano, Italy

Widow, Mama Roza Quatrini, mother of three children was in bad health and after an operation she returned back home to her aunt Adele. At noon on the 29th September 1961 an unknown lady walked in their house wearing a blue kerchief on her head and was asking money to buy three candles. Aunt Adele told her they only have a 1.000 lira they borrowed. The unknown lady went into the room where the immovable Mama Roza was in bed and holding her both hands asked her to stand up. Mama Roza got up finding that she was miraculously healed. The unknown lady asked her to pray the Angel of the Lord together, and five Our Fathers. After every Our Father the lady would put her hand on one of the five open wounds which would heal straight away, and then after that she asked Mama Roza to go to see the Holy Father Pius. “How can I go, I have no dress or money”. ”You will get everything you need” – answered the lady. Aunt Adele then gave to the lady 500 lira and she miraculously disappeared. After a while Mama Roza got a packet with money and two dresses from an unknown sender. In spring 1962 Mama Roza went to San Giovani Rotondo where the lady appeared again, took her to Father Pius and disappeared. Father Pius referred Roza to go to Piacenzo where she could help the sick. In next two years Mama Roza dedicated herself to the God and the sick. At noon 16th October 1964 she noticed a white cloud out of which came out a red ball, landing onto a near pear tree. All lit up, out of the ball came out the Heavenly Mother in white dress with a big cape and crown on her head made out of stars saying to Roza: “Daughter of mine, announce to the world to pray, as Jesus himself can not carry the cross and the punishment is close. I am the Mother of Love and the Mother of all people and that is why I want for everyone to be saved through the prayer. I will come every Friday to give message to the world. The first sign of mine will be a blooming pear tree, and there will be other signs too. On Friday on the 21st October 1966 Our Lady appeared to Roza again and showed her the place where a well needs to be dug out, for its water to heal the soul and the body. During the 1969 many pilgrims and few priests have seen how the statue of the Mother of God in Roza’s room change their color from white to dark blue and the other way around. Even though the Bishop forbid to Mama Roza to send messages into the world, lots more people are coming to San Domiano because they are finding peace, comfort, love and healing here.

Montichiari, Italy

In spring 1947 the Mother of God appeared to the 36 year old Pierina Gilli in a hospital room in Montichiari. Our Lady was in a purple dress with a white veil on her head, having a sad face and tearful eyes, with three swords in her chest. The second appearance happened when Pierina was in hospital on the 13th June 1947, but now there were three roses on Our Lady’s chest – white, red and golden. Pierina had asked who she was and Our Lady answered: “I am the Mother of Jesus and the Mother of all of you. I want the revival of priests, monks, monasteries and people devoted to God, and for every 13th day in a month to be celebrated as Saint Mary’s day, and the 13th July of each year to be celebrated in honor to Mysterious Rose (Rosa Mistica)”. Significance of the three swords are: leaving the profession, sin and Juda’s betrayal. Significance of the three roses are: white indicates the prayer, the red ghost of satisfaction and willingness to sacrifice, a golden spirit of penance. The third appearance happened in the hospital room, and next four in the parish church. Miraculous healings started to happen as well and lots of pilgrims kept coming to Montichiari. As announced, Our Lady appeared on the 17th April 1966 (white Sunday) to Pierina in Fontanelli beside the cave with a water spring saying: “This water gives a miraculous power of healing, but every sick person needs to pray in church to God for forgiveness and kiss the cross that needs to be placed next to steps near the spring”. That is why next to the spring a pool needs to be build, as well as church with a statue that is facing the spring”. After these words Our Lady rose to the height and spreaded her arms with a rosary around them, on the right side of the cape there was a Cathedral, and underneath the cape a castle that later on became a home for elderly and sick. Even though the church was forbidding it, more and more pilgrims kept coming to this spring and among them many found convertion and miraculous healing.

Pariz, France (miraculous medal)

Towards the evening of the 18th July, 1830, in one of the rooms the Sisters of Mercy convent in Paris, a little child surrounded by light appeared to the 24 year old nun Catherine Laboure and said: “.Come into the chapel, the Holy Virgin is waiting for you. She started to pray in the chapel and around midnight a Lady of great beauty appeared, sat next to her and said: “My child, good God wants to give you a task. You will have lots of trouble, but you will overcome them all with God’s help. There will be a great trouble and great evil will go down in France. There will be many victims, too, blood will run down the streets as people have separated from God and fight against the Christians. Our Lady appeared five more times to Catherine in a year time. The most important appearance happened on the 27th November, 1830, when Our Lady appeared in a white dress with a white veil over her head, falling down to her ankles. There was a snake under her feet and in her hands she was holding the globe . A gold letter inscription opened around her head“O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who recourse to thee”. Our Lady gave Catherine a medal and said: “ Make sure to have medals hammered out by this model, and everyone wearing one and praying devoutly will receive great mercy”. Our Lady’s figure was on the one side of the medal and a cross and letter M on the other, a heart belonging to Jesus surrounded by thorny crown and Saint Mary stabbed with a sword. A crown around the medal had 12 stars. On the 12th December 1907 Catherine was declared blessed by the church and was given the honorable title.

Kerizinen, France

In the French province of Brittany in the hamlet Kerizinen, Mother of God appeared to the 26 year old Louise Ramonet while her cow was grazing on the meadow. Louise has originated from a very poor family and had 3 more sisters and 4 brothers, and completed only two grades in school. Her parents died early and her brothers and sisters left home to earn some money. Louise was very devout, but in poor health so she was the only one to stay home.

Even though she had witnessed two more appearances it was only after a year she revealed it in the trust to her school friend. Soon after that the whole village new about Our Lady’s appearance and people fled in from a wide area, even more so when a spring of miraculous water had appeared. Our Lady made a first contact with Louise on the 15th September 1938 when she appeared in a golden light wearing a blue dress. There was a white veil on her head reaching down to her knees and around her wast double rope with knots. Our Lady said:”In years to come you will see me often and then I will tell you who I am and what I want. Throughout 30 years Our Lady appeared 71 times. In one of the caves near the place of the appearance, the spring of miraculous water appeared. Our Lady asked quite a few times from Louise for the chapel to be build on the place of the appearance so people can come to pilgrimages. Because of her illness Louise went to parish church only on Sundays where she would make a confession and a Communion. Other days she was receiving the host of the Holy Communion from an unknown hand having two angels beside. Along with numerous miraculous healings there were other amassing events when the sun split in two halves or it was snowing out of clear sky. Our Lady has repeatedly asked the people through prayer and penance to repent to God, because otherwise the angry God would send to the Earth terrible punishment that will be announced through the signs in nature and the Sun. During 1965 Louise had the the last appearances of Our Lady.

Three springs, Italy

Three springs are located on the outskirts of Rome and the name comes from the three sources that were made at the place where Romans cut off the head of St. Paul which then bounced of the ground three times. There was a cave where on the 12th April 1947 the Mother of God appeared to Bruno Cornacchioli and his children Ivan, Izoli and Carlo. Our Lady was in the white dress with a red belt, white veil and a book in her right hand, and she introduced herself as a “Virgin of the proclamation”.As Bruno was an unbeliever, Our Lady spoke to him first: “You pursuit me and enough of that. Return to the Holy flock and the Celestial palace of the earth”. She also taught him how to avoid sins and practice everyday prayer, especially the rosary, and he was to find two priests who will reconcile him with God and return him to the church. After that Bruno had completely turned to God, he found two priests and had his children baptized. The next appearance happened on the 6th May 1947 while he was praying the rosary in front of the cave nearby the three springs, and Our Lady was looking at him with a motherly smile on her face. Few more appearances happened nearby the cave and Bruno completely converted and became St. Mary’s apostle, while Three springs became a big pilgrimages place where many people converted and miraculously healed.

Sirakuza, Italy

Married couple Angelo and Antonina received a wedding present from her cousin Mary Gracia and it was a plaster statue of Pure heart of Mary. Few days after the wedding Mary was in great pain with occasional sight loss, so she was often praying in front of the statue. Her husband Angelo was not a believer and was very angry at Antonina whenever she would pray in front of Our Lady’s statue, yelling at his wife:”What are you doing, what do you expect from that piece of plaster? That evening on the 28th August 1953 the statue of Our Lady started to weep. In the morning on the 29th August Angelo left for work and he asked his daughter-in-law Gracia to help his sick wife. In the morning when she woke up she could see and her pain was gone, too. Our Lady’s statue was weeping for second time and the neighbors came to see that miracle. At noon Angelo’s brother who also wasn’t a believer came to visit and surprised by a lot of people around the house, wanted to break Our Lady’s statue. However, when he saw tears running down his hands, he knelled and asked aloud: “Madonna, why are you weeping?” After that the police commissar came and took the statue to the police station where it was still weeping so they all bowed down before the statue and returned it to the owner. As soon as next day a lot of pilgrims from all over Sicily and worldwide started to visit, as a lot of convertions and miraculous healings happened there.

Seredne, Ukraine

According to the Gregorian calendar on the 20th December 1954, during the Holy Mass in the parish church in Seredne in Ukraine, the Mother of God made an appearance to the girl called Ana. She was barefoot, wearing a white dress with a wide blue belt , with 12 stars around her head. She spoke to Ana in a sad voice: “Dear daughter, I can’t give my mercy to anyone as everyone abandoned me. This is the first time people fallen so low. They will be punished and destroyed by fire. However I am here to help to all sinners. There is a cave on the mountain of Seredne where there is a spring which needs to blessed by a priest on the day of the Immaculate Conception. A statue of the Immaculate Conception should be placed by the spring. I will stay on the mountain and with the help of the water give mercy to the sinners who will come to me. Anna immediately done what Our Lady said and found priests who canonized the spring, and the whole mountain of Seredne was lit up attracting many pilgrims to visit. From the 20th December 1954 to the 21st November 1955 Anna have seen 20 appearances, out of that 3 times she saw Jesus. A lot of convertions and miraculous healing took place on the mountain of Seredne.

Eisenberg, Austria

Aloysius Lex, the mother of 12 children had a seeing of crucified Jesus on the 6th September 1956 who said to her that all her sins and sins of her family are forgiven. On that same day she had noticed a dried grass cross in the green meadow near her house. Aloysius had remembered that two years ago on that same place her daughter Ana-Maria had seen a woman in white holding a rosary, with Jesus in blood on the rosary cross. For a long time the family kept it as a secret, but the children had told the story in school, so many people started to visit the meadow. Authenticity of these supernatural events confirmed the two policeman who came to the meadow to write a record and have seen a dazzling shiny person above the yellow grass cross. Since then Aloysius completely devoted herself to God and was often seeing a bright cross, seen by many pilgrims too. At times she would see the Mother of God who was consoling her and asking to pray for herself, her family and for convertion of siners. During the Holy Mass when the priest raised the Host, Aloysius had seen the alive Jesus. As the church would not believe in these happenings, the curate Joseph Lagler was sent and he also saw a cross in a host and Jesus alive, and sometimes the statues of Mother of God and Sacred Heart would change the appearance. When that was mentioned to the local priest it was suggested on the proposal of two members of the church Commission for the statues to be removed from the church. After a short while both of the members have died and the statues were returned. Aloysius was often receiving messages from Our Lady or Jesus himself that the sign of cross and church should be recognized by people as it is a symbol of love, salvation and redemption. Watch and pray, represent the sufferers and the penance to make peace in the world, a well as love, happiness and prosperity.

Turzovka, Slovakia

It was Sunday on the 1st June 1958. The Mother of God appeared in the forest of Turzovka to the 42 year old forester Mathew Lasut, the father of three children. In the morning around 9 AM on the hill in the forest Zivcak, Mathew had decorated the picture of Our Lady that was previously hanging on one of the pines. During the prayer he had noticed around himself white roses and about ten meters away a woman in a white dress and a rosary in her left hand. She pointed her finger towards a map of the world in three coloures: blue indicates oceans, yellow plains and green hills and forests. Under the map there was a table explaining seven changes. First picture was showing colors with symbolic meanings. Yellow was a color of evil and punishment, and green was a color of good and salvation. The rest of the pictures were showing how the yellow color that represents evil is growing and green color that represents good is reducing. On one of the pictures he saw was Our Lady standing at the head of Satan destroying it. The seventh picture was encouraging. If people would live according to God’s commandments, the earth would be fertile and there would be union, peace and prosperity. At one time the sky opened and Jesus himself appeared glowing, dressed in white with a red cape with a cross beside him. There were three rays coming out of his heart and one touched Mathew who fell to the ground and lost consciousness, regaining it after three hours. Mathew had seen the appearance of Our Lady four more times asking from people to respect the God and man through prayer. Communist authority persecuted him, but pilgrims were still coming to the forest of Turzovka where some of them were healed through prayer.

Porto San Stefano, Italy

35 year old Enzo Alocci seen the first appearance of Mother of God on the 27th March 1966 on his poor farm “Grotti”, near Porto San Stefano on the islet Monte Argentario in Tyrrhenian sea, in time when he started to work on his land. A barefoot lady stood beside him asking for something to drink. Enzo left what he was doing and escorted the lady to his simple house. When he was about to offer her some water she had disappeared. The next seeing he had on his field happened on the 24th April 1966 when he felt a stroke of wind and a bright light with a beautiful lady in the middle of it with a crown on her head. Scared he asked: “Who are you?” The lady smiled and answered: “I am the Lady, the Queen of the world, and the two of us will meet again.” In next few months Our Lady appeared often and sometimes Jesus and angels, too. During the appearance on the 31st July 1966 Our Lady gave him the following message: “If the world does not better itself and does not take notice of God, in few years the Earth will shake, the Sun will spin and the Moon will be sad. The Earth will be hit by great natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires and strong storms and a lot of nations will disappear from the face of the Earth. On the 11th September 1966, which was Sunday, Enzo had seen the appearance of Our Lady, Jesus and four angels and he got five wounds on his hands, legs and heart which were bleeding up to the spring of 1972. In Enzo’s little house where he lived with his wife Roza and their children there was a statue of Mother of God that was often weeping tears or blood. Because of this miracle more and more pilgrims came to his yard and house and experienced many miracles and some healing as well. Enzo was received with the Holy Father in Vatican. During the appearance on the 27th March 1974 Our Lady was asking Enzo to move the statue from his house into the cave at the top of the mount Grotta where it would be treated with prayer and penance. A well should be dug in the cave whose water would be a spring of health and a place of prayer. Enzo has obeyed Our Lady’s advice and lot of pilgrims from Italy and worldwide are coming to the spring having found convertion, and some healing.

Cairo, Egypt

At night from the 2nd on the 3rd April 1968 the Mother of God appeared above the Orthodox church in Zeitoun, outskirt of town Cairo, near the place where the Holy Family used to live. The two mechanics who were working at night across the church saw a woman in a white dress above the church dome. Thinking that she wants to commit suicide they run to the parish priest and the police. The parish priest came to the conclusion that the Mother of God had appeared before them. After that there was more than 100 appearances that all happened at night. Every appearance was indicated with bright amazing light. Our Lady was always wearing white dresses with little blue on it and was floating in the air above the dome, but never said a word. Few times she carried a baby Jesus in her left arm, and once appeared as a Holy Family with St. Joseph and baby Jesus. Prior to the appearance lots of white birds little bigger than pigeons would show and than soon disappear. More than 50.000 people would gather around the church every evening and they would pray and sing in Arabic and Greek. There were lot of convertions and miraculous healing that took place there.

Bayside (New York), USA

On Thursday the 18th June 1970 the Mother of God appeared to Veronica Lueken in Bayside, outskirts of New York. Appearances of the Mother of God, Jesus and other Saints Veronica had for a quite a few years. The Mother of God and her son Jesus were sending messages to everyone in the world, for the church, and above all to mothers to turn to God and stop the Satan’s influence with prayers as otherwise people would suffer great punishments. Veronica often had a vision of Jesus suffering and the vision of hell. Our Lady was asking from Veronica for her messages to be heard in the whole world. As people would not believe for these appearances to be true, after a while a lot of miraculous healing started to happen, like skin cancer, blindness and mutilation. The miraculous healing happened in the sanctuary of Our Lady on the area of Bayside in Queens, and later on in the Vatican pavilion Flushing Meadow on the Long Island and as a result of that a lot of pilgrims were coming to the New York finding convertion and miraculous healing.

Hrusiv, Ukraine

In Ukrainian village of Hrusiv the Mother of God appeared in the 1914 to twenty two villagers sending a message to pray to God, saying that Ukraine will have great troubles for eighty years and after that would become an independent state. “Repent and love each other”. After 73 years the Mother of God appeared again in Hrusiv. That was a Sunday on the 26th April 1987, on the first anniversary on the Chernobyl’s catastrophe when the Mother of God appeared above the church dome surrounded by bright light like a fire. 40 to 50 sometimes even 80.000 pilgrims would visit Hrusiv every day and among them there was a Catholic priest Joseph Terelya who wrote a book about the appearances and because of that was exiled from Soviet Union. Our Lady would often come close to pilgrims looking some of them straight in their eyes. Many of them heard her messages: “My daughter of Ukraine, I have come to you in the hardest time of you life because you first made a queen out of me in 1058. If people do not return to the Christ there will be a World War III. Pray for live and dead, teach you children to pray especially the rosary so they can pass their knowledge onto their children. You need to help those in need and pray for convertion of Russia. The Ukraine will become a free state in next ten years”. All up to the 14th May 1987 thousands of pilgrims have seen Our Lady’s image, and some of them have heard her messages as well, but the police had closed all streets and access paths to the church in Hrusiv.